Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Dominic Ridgway is the Winner of the Sabre Kmag Remix Competition!

There are some days were everything seems to be perfect. One of this days was yesterday when i read that Dominic Ridgway has won the Kmag Critical Remix Competition of Sabre's (outstanding) One Hundred Teeth, a tune i liked to play a lot the last months.
His Remix is a deep and abstract journey, putting some of the original arrangements together and build something absolutly new and fancy out of them. Taking Drum and Bass into a new, far out level. It is a really fresh and innovative piece of music. Makes me happy that he and his sound gets this big attention and he receives what he deserves.
Take a listen to his Remix of Sabre's One Hundred Teeth here:

This one is shaping the future!

So i want to send my congratulations from Berlin for his little Masterpiece!
A interview with Dominic you can read here:

Also add him on Myspace and listen to his music on Soundcloud!

Watch out for his forthcoming EP coming on Urban Poetry featuring his massive Spirit Level (you can hear it here) and some more, fresh and mindblowing cuts. Absolutly watching forward to this release!
Also check out his releases on Dubkraft, Silk Recordings and other labels. I will keep you updated about the newest developments.

This musical wizard is definetly worth to keep an eye (or ear) on! Big.

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