Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

31.07.2010 - A night of Urban Poetry in Berlin

What a crazy weekend is standing in front of us! If you're in Berlin, you should definitely check out this two Urban Poetry showcases. First, the mighty Es.tereo is playing at RAW Temple (also check out the new ASC Kmag Mix, featuring "Void" from Es.tereo & Altair) and second, me, Turrican is playing in Rosis. The good thing is, that both of the clubs are in the same street (called the "Berlin Technostrich"), so its quite easy to switch venues during the night.

The Line Up in RAW Temple delivers us, alongside of the unique sound of Es.tereo, a big variety of DNB - from hard to smart - with a wide range of Berlins DNB Djs.

In Rosis, the sound of the night will be a bit more "techy", playing with Dsci4's Dementia from Linz/ Austria, Berlins very special Therapy, who will show us some harder beats from the Subsistenz Camp, and Audiomassive's Mo.

So be there and enjoy the sound of Urban Poetry!
Future Music.

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